Pandacar is Nick Patrick (27), Eddy MacKenzie (27) and Nathan Langridge (27). Formed in 2018, Pandacar came together through a mutual love of noisy music and a distaste with current world and local political events. In the growing indie-punk scene in Glasgow, Pandacar sees themselves as the “good boys” of post-punk. With fuzz-soaked bass lines, jagged guitar, driving drums, and a punk pathetique attitude, Pandacar are a mix of classic punk protest with their own unique sense of humour. Patrick, MacKenzie and Langridge are on a mission to makes some noise, have some fun and get it done – and with a riotous, rip-roaring and relentless live show it’s safe to say that the boys are well on their way to completing that mission.  
Nick Patrick (guitar and lead vocals) grew up in North Lanarkshire before moving to Glasgow in his early 20s. Raised on a healthy dose of punk, Northern Soul and art-pop, Nick brings a diverse range of influences to Pandacar. As the principal songwriter, Nick would attribute his keenness for writing to his love of artists like Dr. John Cooper Clark, Paul Weller, St Vincent, and Jello Biafra. 
Eddy MacKenzie (bass and vocals) was born in London but moved to Inverness in his very early youth and then eventually moved to Glasgow for further education. As a professional actor Eddy brings pure theatre every time he takes the stage. Wearing his influences firmly on his sleeves, Eddy’s bass rhythms are firmly rooted in those upbeat, steady and thumping pop-punk or fuzz soaked garage basslines. 
Nathan Langridge (drums) hails from rural Essex and has moved across the UK following his education settling in Glasgow. With a wide range of musical influences behind his drumming, Nathan is somewhat of a musical chameleon, lending his rhythmical mastery to many genre bending beats. The driving force in the live setting, Nathan’s solid and pounding rhythm is the engine room of Pandacar, and will having your feet tapping and your body rocking.